"An artist who has an unusually earthy quality, sounding genuinely natural in an otherwise processed world."

MP3 Hugger

"The guitar picking and sweet melody is more than enough to get you to fall in love with singer-songwriter, Ali George."

Rock the Pigeon 

"This Uk artist in some ways reminds me of old school Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), and that is a great thing!"

American Pancake

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The New Single




What else is new?

If you haven't heard my other new single, which I dropped at the end of May, you can check it out 

“The eclectic chord choices and experimental energy in parts of the song really put a smile on my face. It’s apparent that Ali George isn’t the average folk singer and we’re so glad for that. We’ll take this fun, exploratory, engaging acoustic style any day!”

Ear to the Ground, 2020.

“Under notes of metaphorical swaying, Ali George invites you to contemplative waves full of a serene and fiery rhythm…. This melancholy and poignant song leads in dark harmonies with gently luminous halos, in an irresistible caressing refrain.”

Independent Spirits, 2020.

Listen to a work in progress of mine. A new ballad called "Dreams Within Dreams". 

It's the first song I have written from the perspective of a woman. The narrator is a woman who is trying to reach out to her distant and mysterious husband. The song itself is almost completely fictitious, but I drew inspiration for the idea from a few sources.

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