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 "An artist who has an unusually earthy quality, sounding genuinely natural in an otherwise processed world."

MP3 Hugger

"The guitar picking and sweet melody is more than enough to get you to fall in love with singer-songwriter, Ali George."

Rock the Pigeon 

"His guitar playing is delicate and picturesque, his lyricism poignant and gripping, and his command for songwriting obvious."

Two Story Melody

“This UK artist in some ways reminds me of old school Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam),

and that is a great thing!”

American Pancake


British singer-songwriter Ali George is known for his intricate fingerstyle guitar technique, his mellow, understated vocals, and his subtle, earthy songwriting. Of a multitude of potent influences, two defining acts inspire his music most profoundly: Bon Iver and John Martyn. George has been on the folk scene in the south-west of England for twenty years. He has released six albums (which have been added to the British National Library’s Permanent Collection). He has supported revered folk acts such as Martin Simpson, Steve Tilson, Nick Harper, and Rory McLeod. His latest album Platys Yialos is a departure from his Folk roots. Wait for the Mist to Clear - the first single from the album - was hailed as an “absolute gem” by BBC Music Introducing DJ Sarah Gosling.


Recent Single: "Little Prophecy"

Little Prophecy Cover.png

"This is a voice that you could listen to for hours. 'Little Prophecy' is the epitome of a perfectly written song. We absolutely have to draw attention to the precision playing on the acoustic guitar. It just flows out of Ali as if he was born playing. The fills are just spectacular. They’re very reminiscent of Mark Knopfler’s style of acoustic playing. Ali George is a true talent."

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Watch the "Land or Gold" Music Video:

Other Videos

Interview with Sam Holloway + Performances.

Platys Yialos Music Video


- George talks with Romeo Ciarla about his latest album and his inspirations.
- An in depth review of George's latest album.
- A closer look into the song, exploring George's lyrics.
- Review of George's fourth studio album.


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Expore the latest album, Platys Yialos 

"That was completely gorgeous - an absolute gem by @aligeorgemusic called 'Wait For The Mist To Clear'. We are so into that track, which is the debut single from his upcoming album 'Platys Yialos'!

We can't wait to hear the whole thing!"

BBC Music Introducing via Twitter.

"'Platys Yialos' will make you fall in love with the sounds of Ali George through its rich lyricism, instrumentation, and intimacy. The inclusion of a live band only acts to enhance George's signature earthy sounds, and adds a new level to the intimacy that envelops you from start to finish."

The Other Side Reviews.

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