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What's New?

December 29th

After reaching No.1 in the UK in the Submithub Folk Charts and remaining there for several days, "Meagre Heights" ended it's time in the charts at No.3 in the UK and No. 14 in the world! It's been an exciting time! 

December 18th

My song “Meagre Heights” is now in the TOP 25 in the Submit Hub FOLK CHARTS! “Meagre Heights” is a song from my latest album “Platys Yialos”. I’m so proud of how well it’s doing! All the hard work is finally paying off! Check the song (and the album) out!

December 4th

"Meagre Heights", one of my favorites from the new album has been added to an exquisitely beautiful playlist by Mr Foxx Frequency called "Songs for December-Indie/Folk Playlist, 2020"! It's got a fantastically wintery feel!  Have a listen:

November 15th

Last night my song “Melanie Brown” was played on BBC Music Introducing in the West on BBC Radio Bristol! This is the third song of mine from my new album “Platys Yialos” that the BBC have aired! A big thanks to them for their continued support of my music.

October 13th

I’ve been added to an absolutely awesomely epic blues and blues rock playlist by Don's Tunes! A track from my new album called “A Song That Sleeps” - which is one of my more bluesy efforts - has been added to this thoroughly captivating playlist! Thanks to Don’s Tunes. As always I must give credit to the top class musicians who featured on this track: Tom Allen and Jools Scott! Check it out 

October 12th

Sending out a big thank you to DJ James Threlfall and all the guys at BBC Music Introducing for playing my track “A Song That Sleeps” on Saturday night. It’s an absolute privilege to be included in the playlist once again! Also, many thanks to  musicians Jools Scott and Tom Allen for making the song what it is now, and to Josh Clark for his excellent production skills as always! Check out the full show 

September 21st

I've got some exciting news! I've just released my first music video in 14 years! This is "Platys Yialos (feat. Beth Porter)"! Yes, the wonderful Beth plays some truly beautiful cello on this track (although she isn't featured in the video unfortunately). Beth starts out here with some hauntingly beautiful single notes, but by the end of the track she builds it into a crescendo of layer upon layer of epic cello playing! It was directed by filmmaker and old school buddy of mine Sam Holloway. We filmed it in August out near Charlcombe, just outside of Bath. We had a great time! At one point we were surrounded by a huge herd of cows who seemed very eager to see what was going on! Check out Sam's website to see his other fantastic work:

Platys Yialos (feat. Beth Porter). Directed by Sam Holloway

September 1st

Music Bloggers The Other Side Reviews just reviewed my new album Platys Yialos! It’s a beautifully written review! They review it track by track. Here’s a taster of what they said:


“Departing from the intimate acoustic sound he has become known for, Ali George embracing new melodies and styling for his sixth album Platys Yialos. Containing some of his best material from the last three years, he performs with a full band and experiments with the effects of pedals. The 9-track album has a deeply rooted theme of love overcoming anger.”

In other news school buddy of mine, and filmmaker Sam Holloway is currently editing a music video of the title track of my new album Platys Yialos. We shot it at the beginning of August in Charlcombe, near Bath. It’s actually the first music video I have done in 14 YEARS! It was great fun! We had a captive audience: a herd of cows that enveloped us completely! They were very friendly though! Look out for the video! It will be out soon! Sam has made some terrific music video’s. He’s also a brilliant musician and songwriter to boot!

August 25th

I have recently been promoting Melanie Brown, one of the heavier tracks on the album. It was my first attempt at writing what's called a "Murder Ballad". Music bloggers Alt77 had this to say about it: 

"There are some songwriters that aren’t in the business of chasing trends. Ali George is one of the musicians who need not worry about what’s on the charts. Melanie Brown sounds like an unearthed standard.

Throughout George’s use of the classic folk, storytelling format is impeccable. The singer claims the “murder ballads” genre, especially Nick Cave’s work within the field as his starting point for the project.

Judging by the quality of his writing, others will soon enough be anxious to cover Mr. George’s tunes."

Stream Melanie Brown here:

Earlier this year....


If you haven't heard my recent single, which I dropped at the end of May, you can check it out 

“The eclectic chord choices and experimental energy in parts of the song really put a smile on my face. It’s apparent that Ali George isn’t the average folk singer and we’re so glad for that. We’ll take this fun, exploratory, engaging acoustic style any day!”

Ear to the Ground, 2020.

“Under notes of metaphorical swaying, Ali George invites you to contemplative waves full of a serene and fiery rhythm…. This melancholy and poignant song leads in dark harmonies with gently luminous halos, in an irresistible caressing refrain.”

Independent Spirits, 2020.

Listen to a work in progress of mine. A new ballad called "Dreams Within Dreams". 

It's the first song I have written from the perspective of a woman. The narrator is a woman who is trying to reach out to her distant and mysterious husband. The song itself is almost completely fictitious, but I drew inspiration for the idea from a few sources.

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