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Dreams Within Dreams

A Single from the upcoming album Watchful Days

"Flowing with vulnerability, 'Little Prophecy' has a heart-breaking, tender and intensely, brutally honest desperation to it. In this single, George explores human fragility with sophisticated style. With Leonard Cohen’s breath-taking lyricism and Cat Stevens’s infectiousness, Ali George sends our souls soaring as he releases all the 'pent-up, unresolved emotions' typically felt after a breakup."

The Other Side Reviews

Little Prophecy Cover.png

"Little Prophecy" Cover

Little Prophecy is the latest single by British singer-songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist Ali George. British and American traditional folk music (as well as by Greek mythology) hugely inspire the story of the song. The narrator is warned by an advisor that his lover has ulterior motives, that she’s “a little too good to be true,” and that trouble will ensue if he doesn’t leave her. He ignores this oracle’s warning, and the prophecy unfolds.

The track was recorded (along with the rest of the new, upcoming album, titled Watchful Days) in the countryside near Bath, UK, at the studio of Josh Clark, a producer and musician who has worked with the likes of Kate Rusby, Sheelanagig, and Damien O’Kane. The location of the studio is incredible, as it is directly next to a huge castle, and a large, untouched forest. Josh (who had worked with George on two of his previous albums) produced the album, and provided the drum, percussion, and synth parts. The other three musicians on the track have also all worked with George on his previous albums: Singer-songwriter Dexter Selboy performed backing vocals, composer Jools Scott played organ, and Tom Allen provided the double bass part.

It features a new guitar sound for George, which is much more ambient and atmospheric than his previous guitar set-ups. This is achieved with the use of stacking multiple reverb and delay guitar pedals, and playing through two guitar amps simultaneously, which creates a more stereo sound. 

"I was experimenting with an unusual, bluesy, guitar tuning when the main theme to 'Little Prophecy' came to me. I had been ruminating on a bad break-up for a while. When the lyrics to this song started flowing, I was thinking deeply about all these pent-up, unresolved emotions. It gave me such a strong feeling of catharsis to get everything down on paper. That is what song-writing is all about for me."

Ali George.

Little Prophecy is available now on all major platforms.

‘The baritone vocals of the artist glide across the canvass of striking acoustic guitar melodies.  Accessorized by skilful guitar flows, heartfelt vocal trajectories, and emotional harmonies, the song glints like a diamond under sunlight."
Sinusoidal Music

"We absolutely have to draw attention to the precision playing on the acoustic guitar. It just flows out of Ali as if he was born playing. The fills are just spectacular. They’re very reminiscent of Mark Knopfler’s style of acoustic playing." 
Send Me Your Ears

"Intimate, delicate, and rich, ‘Little Prophecy’ shows Ali George at his guitar-picking, soul-stirring best!"
Indie Top 39

"Flowing with vulnerability, ‘Little Prophecy’ has a heart-breaking, tender and intensely, brutally honest desperation to it. In this single, George explores human fragility with sophisticated style." 
The Other Side Reviews

"The guitar melodies are hauntingly beautiful, making the music sound really atmospheric as a whole. The backing effects also work well, making it sound eerie occasionally. Don’t miss out on this amazing tune!"
York Calling


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